Monday, May 08, 2006


OMG...No wonder driving on road is more dangerous than flying a plane...

Well, it's a relaxing afternoon, so I get the chance to read my RSS feeds in a little bit more detail, and that's y I came across this news about ppl driving in the UK.

Source: Engaget

As we all know, european are so high tech that most of their cars are equipped with GPS, which is supposed to be a good thing, right? until ppl actually trust their GPS more than their eyes!

"In the most recent case, drivers passing through the village of Luckington have found themselves landing in the River Avon, by following a GPS-recommended route that pointed to a bridge that has been closed for a week. Despite warning signs on both sides of the road, and nothing but water straight ahead, local villagers have found themselves pulling an average of two cars a day out of the river for the past week. "

Oh, come on! Ppl actually drive onto a river even if there is no road just becuz the GPS told them to do so? No wonder studies say driving on road kills more ppl than airplane accidents...

PS. On a side note, the new here shows how the GPS on a Land Rover can actually be used to fly a plane! Neat, eh?


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