Sunday, May 07, 2006


Work over...For 2 days

Finally, I finished the paper, and submitted to a conference.

Right after I finished my comprehensive exam, without rest, I was hurried since thursday to finish this paper, which has a submission deadline on Monday 9am EST. And now, I finally finished it. It's not the best paper I wrote, since I am already too tired to pick out the numerous mistake I made while writing the detail technical paper. But at least the quality of it is acceptable. So I think I should be happy about it...

Now that my exam is over, and this paper is done, I finally get 2 full days of holiday when I am ordered not to think about work at all. So now, in the next two days, I just need to use my mind to deal with all the minor things in my life. That includes: going to the dentist for routine check up. Cleaning up my apartment (I cant stand the bathroom anymore), tiding up my computer, possibly changing the layout of my blog, and handles stuff about my bank accounts.

Seems like it wont be a free holiday after all. But hey, at least I dont have to use my brain so much.

If you guys see this blog, and think u can have free time to meet me, drop me a msg or give me a call, since finally I will have time to meet friends in the next 2 days!


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