Thursday, May 18, 2006


I moved again

Guys, I moved again. This time, it's a Sina blog. The link is here:

Please update your bookmarks and RSS accordingly. Thank you. And sorry for the frequent changes...

Saturday, May 13, 2006


New blog probation...

Starting today, I will start blogging at my new blog here.

See how much you guys like it, and let me know later.



True taste of life...

As most of my fds know, I am a wine lover. Not an alcoholic, but a lover. I used to drink a lot. Lots of beer, wine and hard liquor.

But then I came across this article recently, which talks about the tasting of wine. This got me thinking, what kinds of tastes do I look for in wine? Why do I enjoy wine so much? Is it the alcohol that I like? Is it the symbol of knowledge of how much I know about wine in front of other ppl that I like?

Well, I will have to say, NO.

I didnt drink as much as I used to now. Believe it or not I still got bottles of wine stacked away in my living room. If I like wine just for the alcohol, why dont I just keep drinking anyway?

Then it got me realize, it's not the wine that I love, it's the lovely time that I truely enjoy while poping out a bottle of wine with fds that makes me enjoy wine so much.

Time just flew by so fast, as I realize it. It's been a few yrs since my undergrad convocation. 90% of my fds already left. Most of them going back home for jobs. That makes me having fds in every corner of the world. However, right here, at the city that I am living in right now, I have to say, I am kinda lonely.

My routine each day is to wake up in a hurry, rush myself to school, working on my research. Worrying about deadlines, exploring new areas for research, or dipping deeper into a state-of-the-art area. I am all surrounded by work. I dont get so much social life as I used to have anymore. Is it sad?

Well, it's yes and no. Yes becuz I have to work so hard everyday, almost seemingly losing the point on why I work so much. And no becuz I convinced myself that all this hard work I put in now, will repay me in the near future.

So, when I drink wine now, the different tastes will relate to my wonderful life as a flashback.

The bitterness reminds me of the sad childhood, and the struggling life as a student.

The sourness makes me realize the lonely life I have here.

The sweetness brings back all the happy memories that I experience.

The tartness recalls the difficulties to live in the cruel reality.

The complexity jogs my memory on the level of success I am at now.

And the alcohol gives me hope to my future!

So, wut tastes do you find in the little glass of wine in your hand?

Wut messages does that bottle of wine trying to tell you?

Listen hard next time, my fds.

Friday, May 12, 2006


When will summer come?

It was so nice and warm (high of around 22) in the beginning of the week, so, i decided I should start putting out my winter clothings and wash all my jackets so that I can hide them in the closet.

But man, starting Wednesday night, suddenly the temperature comes down again. And now, I am seriously hesitating whether I should bring my jackets back out...

I hate this kind of weather! Why cant it be summer already?

BTW, seems no one really cares where I am gonna put my blog. In that case, I will take my time to decide whether to actually move to Wretch....

Monday, May 08, 2006


Time to move again?

I just wanna have a survey to all my friends, about wut do you guys think if I move my blog.

Well, it's a tough decision. So I wanna see how much it's gonna affect my fds first.

The blog that I will move to is this here.

Let me kinda show the comparison for the two blogging platforms:


Support javascripts, so that i can put so many fancy stuff, such as the clock, the flickr badge and Adsense on my blog. Friends already know the place, and the RSS feed too.

Wretch (my new blog):
Has comment RSS, photo album RSS, has category, has photo album, has guestbook. background music (although i probably wont use it), but since i cant put javascript, the blog wont be fancy. haha

Both the same:
Anyone can comment, I can still put pics, and embedded videos on blogs. Still have RSS Feed thru feedburner.

What do you guys think? Please leave me comment to let me know.


OMG...No wonder driving on road is more dangerous than flying a plane...

Well, it's a relaxing afternoon, so I get the chance to read my RSS feeds in a little bit more detail, and that's y I came across this news about ppl driving in the UK.

Source: Engaget

As we all know, european are so high tech that most of their cars are equipped with GPS, which is supposed to be a good thing, right? until ppl actually trust their GPS more than their eyes!

"In the most recent case, drivers passing through the village of Luckington have found themselves landing in the River Avon, by following a GPS-recommended route that pointed to a bridge that has been closed for a week. Despite warning signs on both sides of the road, and nothing but water straight ahead, local villagers have found themselves pulling an average of two cars a day out of the river for the past week. "

Oh, come on! Ppl actually drive onto a river even if there is no road just becuz the GPS told them to do so? No wonder studies say driving on road kills more ppl than airplane accidents...

PS. On a side note, the new here shows how the GPS on a Land Rover can actually be used to fly a plane! Neat, eh?

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Work over...For 2 days

Finally, I finished the paper, and submitted to a conference.

Right after I finished my comprehensive exam, without rest, I was hurried since thursday to finish this paper, which has a submission deadline on Monday 9am EST. And now, I finally finished it. It's not the best paper I wrote, since I am already too tired to pick out the numerous mistake I made while writing the detail technical paper. But at least the quality of it is acceptable. So I think I should be happy about it...

Now that my exam is over, and this paper is done, I finally get 2 full days of holiday when I am ordered not to think about work at all. So now, in the next two days, I just need to use my mind to deal with all the minor things in my life. That includes: going to the dentist for routine check up. Cleaning up my apartment (I cant stand the bathroom anymore), tiding up my computer, possibly changing the layout of my blog, and handles stuff about my bank accounts.

Seems like it wont be a free holiday after all. But hey, at least I dont have to use my brain so much.

If you guys see this blog, and think u can have free time to meet me, drop me a msg or give me a call, since finally I will have time to meet friends in the next 2 days!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


It's May, the departure season again...

Well, it's that time of the year again: Beginning of May, or I usually call: The departure season.

It's the beginning of May, when exams finish, and ppl are leaving the school to go home, or summer jobs, or interns. For some, it's just a temporary departure. They are leaving to gain more work experience, and life experience. But then for others, it may not the case.

Undergrad, usually a four year experience, during when you will suffer from being tortured by tedious homework and nerve racking exams. But it's also in these four years, you usually meet some of your best friends, who you'd think the friendship is gonna last forever.

That's y, when May arrives, when ppl finish their undergrad, and head to the cruel real world, they will realize how hard it is to get the same pure friendships you had with ur fds in school. You realize how easy it was to just need to spend 3-4 days studying for an exam, instead of working in an office everyday trying to fix some real problems.

Being an oversea student myself, I am lucky to be able to meet so many fds from all parts of the world. Although we may not be able to meet each other and help each other as we are all apart, we still share experiences, and joy once in a while thru the occasion MSN chat or email.

I really hope I can visit all of my friends more often, sharing my experiences, or even lend my helping hands in cases when I can be of use. Afterall, I wont be in the position I am in now if not becuz there were so much help, trust, believes and supports from all of my friends.

Thank you all!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Time for the beautiful Sakura

Source: Torontonist

It's spring time again, and it's time to watch the beautiful Sakura boom in TO!

But then again, it's spring time again, and it's allergy season!

This allergy thing already brought me enough trouble during my comprehensive, since i was sneezing, tearing, running nose all the time, which makes me super hard to concerntrate on reading. Now that my exam is over, the allergy also gets worse, and now I even get headaches from time to time...

I've been taking Claritin, and seems it's not working very well. Any suggestions?