Saturday, May 13, 2006


True taste of life...

As most of my fds know, I am a wine lover. Not an alcoholic, but a lover. I used to drink a lot. Lots of beer, wine and hard liquor.

But then I came across this article recently, which talks about the tasting of wine. This got me thinking, what kinds of tastes do I look for in wine? Why do I enjoy wine so much? Is it the alcohol that I like? Is it the symbol of knowledge of how much I know about wine in front of other ppl that I like?

Well, I will have to say, NO.

I didnt drink as much as I used to now. Believe it or not I still got bottles of wine stacked away in my living room. If I like wine just for the alcohol, why dont I just keep drinking anyway?

Then it got me realize, it's not the wine that I love, it's the lovely time that I truely enjoy while poping out a bottle of wine with fds that makes me enjoy wine so much.

Time just flew by so fast, as I realize it. It's been a few yrs since my undergrad convocation. 90% of my fds already left. Most of them going back home for jobs. That makes me having fds in every corner of the world. However, right here, at the city that I am living in right now, I have to say, I am kinda lonely.

My routine each day is to wake up in a hurry, rush myself to school, working on my research. Worrying about deadlines, exploring new areas for research, or dipping deeper into a state-of-the-art area. I am all surrounded by work. I dont get so much social life as I used to have anymore. Is it sad?

Well, it's yes and no. Yes becuz I have to work so hard everyday, almost seemingly losing the point on why I work so much. And no becuz I convinced myself that all this hard work I put in now, will repay me in the near future.

So, when I drink wine now, the different tastes will relate to my wonderful life as a flashback.

The bitterness reminds me of the sad childhood, and the struggling life as a student.

The sourness makes me realize the lonely life I have here.

The sweetness brings back all the happy memories that I experience.

The tartness recalls the difficulties to live in the cruel reality.

The complexity jogs my memory on the level of success I am at now.

And the alcohol gives me hope to my future!

So, wut tastes do you find in the little glass of wine in your hand?

Wut messages does that bottle of wine trying to tell you?

Listen hard next time, my fds.


At 3:41 AM, Blogger akaie said...

I like the layout of your current blog a lot especially the photo album with pictures. You know how much I know about the blog design (minimal).. clock isn't very useful but integrating a theme song would be nice (you probably don't like this idea).
You sound philosophical lately.. I guess it's human nature when we have nothing urgent to do.. we tend to think about life, past, etc.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Doc to be: Henry said...

Photo album in current blog? you mean in the blog that I am gonna move to, right?


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